REMEMBER were just beta testers

we are JUST beta testers, technically the game has not been released, there has been some hardcore drama on these forums and in game about all this duping and what not, and you have to remember that this game isnt released yet, its still being tested, for alpha this game is amazing and surely it will get tons better, but we are just beta testers, we didint pay for a game, we payed for early access to help the developers create the game, when you get raided, just sit back and know that when the servers are wiped one final time and the game is legit released, you will ultimately have the most going into the game because you will have the knowledge and experience you have gained in beta

Why did you make this thread, if people don’t read the stickes <(new fags) why would they read this…

We are alpha testers, actually.

I know right, who makes a thread an does not even know what they are talking about.