"Remember, we're looking for the one in the glasses" 2 combine snipers on the move



“Is that him? no another resistance unit… keep looking”

A: “Stop making those grunting noises.”
B: “I’m not grunting.”
A & B: turn slowly

Love how they are darkened out.

Pretty cool. Moon light silhouettes are always cool.

Mind if I edit? (Rhetorical question really, I will anyway.)

cause you’re Ben fucking Wolfe

Nice. Valve needs guys like this for EP3.

Thanks for reminding me.



Because I’m “Ben fucking Wolfe”:


So dark the edit is hardly noticed :v:

Purdy :3:

Told you I’d do it. :mad:

The left one is wearing glasses!
wait a minute…
Combines don’t wear glasses…

** That snipah is a bloody SPY! **

Great thread title, nice picture.