Remember when you first got Gmod?

Do you remember the first time you laid hands on gmod? I do. It was gmod nine. I was looking up about Gmod on youtube. Thought it looked neat. So I was gonna buy it, when I noticed that my Credit card didn’t get new money on it till tomomrow. So I tried Gmod nine. I didn’t have CS:S, but I bypassed that. Anyway, I thought it was amazing. I didn’t have much time to play it though. Then I got it. Gmod. As soon as I pushed Q I went apeshit. I thought it was so much fun, just spawning props and killing NPCs. Then, I stepped into the world of Online.

So, what about you?

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When i frist played Gmod beta 5 with one of my friends and haven’t gotta sick of it yet.

Mine was GMod 9. I was introduced to it by my brother during September 2006. Sooner, I got interested to check the website by the annoying anti pylon buffing watermark on the right of my screen. I was waiting for ‘GMod 10’. It was finally released and thus, I’ve been using it ever since. There are bugs every now and then, but that doesn’t mean you should stop playing it just because your feelings are hurt that you were unlucky as you were planning something on that day. The only thing I disliked about GMod is the multiplayer. So many idiots every now and then. I just stick to singleplayer.

I was such a noob. My grammar was horrible back then. And before I was a Facepuncher, I was interested in SilverRaptor and Stewie Griffin’s comics. So soon, I joined a little forum made by certain comic makers(Gogi, Margerine_12, Werewolf2500, MosIPost, etc). My editing skills sucked back then(and they still are) and my graphics were horrible. I’ve stopped making comics during middle of 2007 until the middle of 2008.

Mine was Gmod 9. I was surfing around the net when I saw a random screenshot of Gman In GM_Construct, the guys in the forum said that It was called Gmod so I typed It in Google and there It was, ready for It download.

At the beggining I though the game didin’t require Steam nor HL2 Nor CSS, but as soon as It told me that It required those games I went crazy like shit cause I had no money back then to buy em, plus here in Argentina they were really expensive.

Whoever, I saved money for some long time (Till november 2006) and I got all the games I needed, I started playing Gmod then and wow, just awesome, the only I was doing though was kill NPC’s and spawning random shit.

After playing Gmod, I decided to take a look to the forum to download some shit, but instead I found that Gmod10 was coming to Steam soon, I though awesome, It may be free, then I saw it was gonna cost 10 dolars.

I went like dipshit that day.


I got HL2 and found some random semi-active HL2 forum. I saw a forum about GMod 9 and was like hey this looks cool

So I downloaded it and dicked around with the tools

I didn’t know you could attach thrusters to shit automatically, so I kept on spawning them on the map ceiling so they’d fall down. I didn’t want to use easyweld for some reason.

So even making a gravestone with a thruster on was a difficult task.

Well I didn’t know about “hold e to rotate” until after about 10 games.

My brother showed it (GMod v4) since I used to play Entmod on Half-Life quite often. Then I got hooked. :smiley:

I didn’t know how to spawn things until v6, too :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t remember the first time, but I remember playing it with a friend. We thought this was the funniest shit ever.

I got gmod about a year and a half ago. IT’S MY FAVORITE GAME!

I remember, Sips Hot Coco Well, It was a cold winter that year… Cold… Heh, Seriously though I got into it from a friend. He was telling me about a zombie killing game for HL2 and I thought it sounded cool. He told me he had an extra copy and gifted it to me. That day i bought Garrysmod and haven’t looked back.

Wow I played back waaaaay long ago. I can’t even remember what it was. Was it like GMoD 3? or something I can’t remember. It was like the first public released.

GMod 3.

I still remember my shortsighted annoyance when garry changed the system from one gun per tool (Wheel shotgun, Balloon pistol, thruster shotgun) to putting it all one the one tool.

I didn’t like it at the time, but it’s really the only way it could have been, what with the number of tools there are now =)

Every Garry’s mod had a different DM_construct map,won’t it be cool to make a pack
with all of them?

I first played GMod 7, when I was a noob at first, I thought that I couldn’t do anything else but spawn objects from the rocket launcher, but then I discovered the Q Spawn Menu, and it was great! Me and my friend played it, and we both really liked it. I just got GMod yesterday, and it’s really fun!

I started playing at GMod 11, in May. I watched “Idiots of Garry’s Mod” and thought it was hilarious, so I bought the game and I still love it.

I made that same mistake! I had no idea about the “Hold E to rotate” for over a month, I would always ask how people seem to perfectly align their stuff!

When did Gmod11 come out?

I thought It was called Gmod.

There really is a pack:)