Remembering the old times...

Medic: “Come on, man, we gotta go. What are you looking at, anyway?”
Rebel: “I’m not looking at anything, I just… I’m trying to remember the old days… It’s been so long, I can barely remember.”
Medic: “Yeah… I try not to think about it, it just makes me sad. I had a girlfriend back then, and a family, y’know? They’re long gone now, though…”
Rebel: “I know. sigh, let’s head out, we gotta get back to base before sundown.”




Beautiful picture.

Thank you.

You had potential for a little bit of scene build in the background, it’s a bit too noticeably flat, but I see no other problems.:angel:

Very nice. The rim lighting is good.

Picture is a little bit empty.
But I really like it Zerafixy!
Keep it up!

I suck at scene building. Maybe I should give it another chance?

Really, a couple trees or a building or something would have broken up the background.


Personally, for some really nice light, I would have put a light on the cloud parting, turned it off (it still shows a yellow light) and used this addon ( for a volumetric light effect.

Really awesome man! :smiley:

Thanks, but where to I put it? Lua/Vgui?

Wait, ignore that, stupid me. I put it in post processing >.>

I put it in lua autorun I think.

I just tested it, I’m not sure what it does, but at least it works!

Try putting a object half way over the sun or a lamp.

The rim lighting needs to be blurred more, but it’s an interesting piece.

Great posing… Great script! :v:

This is really nice… Keep it up!

Nice work!

LIttle bit empty in background, you coud have added some grass.

But its beautiful.

Thank you, guys :v:


All these dumb ratings annoy me.

The text makes the picture a lot more sentimental. You did a good job with the (edited in) lighting, though, too.

The posing is great, the slightly tilting head and faceposing of guy in the back (facing the camera), and the vacant expression of the medic. Beautiful.

As said already, You could have taken the pic a bit closer to the forest or made the background a bit more interesting, although it’s hardly noticeable until you start looking for mistakes.

Also I’m told you’re supposed to flame using the original “generic” weapon models, but I rated artistic anyways, cuz it frikkin is.

Funny thing is, the first thing that came to my mind after the line “what are you looking at” was that the medic would miss city17 despite all the shit that happened there. Would’ve been a nice twist.

Whoa, thank you for all the criticism!