Remembering those Forgotten

this is some emotional shit dawg

C&C etc

Nice posing, fellow African-American individual.

Dem asses

the females pinky finger is clipping the afro american


she doesn’t have one (thought it’s actually just bent in to hide it)

I just noticed how much of a wedgie those suits give people.

a sexy wedgie

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i liked playing fem shep even though i hated her voice just to see her buttocks

trust you to note that Ben

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made my night though


It’s what I do, it’s what I do… :smug:

You know I never noticed just how tight those suits are until seeing the picture. At least they made them just as tight for both sexes :stuck_out_tongue: Still the way the thumb is posed looks weird. Would have been more natural for it go over the hand.

Who are they I forgot?

what if he is not american, you’ve just offended him

what if he is british, or french, or australian, or from the carribean, or from africa itself? huh? HUH?

But what if he’s american?

then it’s all good

i haven’t played mass effect (i know, i know) so i dunno where he’s from, but i get the shits when people use ‘african-american’ as a blanket term for black people like america is the only place they can come from

He tends to be from not earth considering you have 3 choices and only one of them is Earth

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making him either african-spacian or african-colonist

or what if hes like

not from africa