Remix some DOD:S models

I would like if someone could remix some existing models for DOD:S. Since some of allied models are not very accurate. And of course, it would be for using in DOD:S

It would be a Rangers unit, using Wylecoyo´s 5th Rangers ( Squad 1 ) and 3rd Infantry base models and textures. The only thing that it would be necessary to model, it´s a assault jacket.

The classes description would be the next:

Riflemen : 5th Rangers base model. And textures from 3rd ( green jacket and pants ).

Assault : 5th Rangers base model, assault jacket and some gear like a shovel ( you can take it from riflemen gear ). For textures, just change the pants ( using 3rd pants textures ).

Support : 5th Rangers base model, and add a shovel to the backpack. For textures just change the pants.

Machine gunner : 5th Rangers base model. And textures from 3rd ( green jacket, pants and helmet netting ).

Sniper : The same that assault class. For textures, just change the pants, and add helmet netting ( from 3rd too )

Bazooka : 5th rangers base model, remove “rocket jacket”. textures from 3rd ( green jacket and pants )

Assault jacket, pics and information :
Wylecoyo´s models :

Thanks in advance.

Re-texture made.

Could someone make the assault vest ? pleeeeeeease !

All is done except the assault vest.

Please could someone model something like this ? ( another possibility is to rip it from COD2 )

He`s called Wile E. Coyote not wilecoyo or something BTW i can try it for you. But i first need your skins to put an assault vest on them, so gimme the skins.

Well, i have contacted with zupadupa and he can help with textures

Need somebody that can model it. Other posibility is to modify the default rocket vest to looks like assault vest ( removing the rockets and adding a pair of pockets ). I have tried, but i have not enough skills ( the result was a crappy sh*t ).


So what your asking for is a retextured Allied soldier with a flat armourless vest with a pack of pockets?

the retextured is done. I need someone for make the assault vest ( there are two possibilities. a) make a entire assault vest. b) modify the default rocket vest )