Remixd DarkRP - Always Improving

I’ve operated some servers in the past so i figured I would take a look at what people are doing with DarkRP and get another one going.

First Off the IP:Port is
The name is the same as title “Remixd DarkRP - Always Improving”

I do all the lua myself so its taken me a couple days to get what i’ve wated into it.
The extra classes right now are

Thief - Has the lockpick of course

Tech - Has keypadcracker (reworking sound, so you dont hear it a mile away)

Printer Tech - Can make a cooler, that installs to a printer when they touch.
-------------It actually dissapears into the printer so theres no retarded extra prop

Bartender - sells beer of course

Drug Dealer - sells heavy drugs. also has the injector (fixed, changed model to hl2 pist.)

I am slowly changing the HUD a little too. Its a little shorter so its not so bulky.

Anyway there a good bit else I could post but please give it a try

I think if you’re trying to improve, try removing classes instead of adding more.

remove the cocane drug, the fast running affect is bugged.

can i buy admn for 20$


Cool, ANOTHER Darkrp server.

At least it has some originality.

Wow, drug dealer.

I’ve never seen a class quite that unique.

Oh and a thief.

Damn, you’re a pro.

What is this cocane you speak of? :smug:

I’m sorry, I meant “magic pixie dust”. :buddy:

I believe that magic pixie dust may refer to the drug speed.