Remote Access applications to a dedicated server?

Hi, sorry if i am in the wrong thread, but my question has to do with hosting a garrys mod server.

i have a community that is going to be starting up soon and we have a dedicated server in nebraska (odd location, i know). The problem with this is the leader (who actually has the server) typically is afk for long periods of time and no one else can access the server to add or remove files.

Is there any kind of Free Application that we can have him install on the server so that certain trusted people with the password can login to and change out files? something like VNC?

Either VNC or FTP. Have a look at FileZilla server for a free and easy to use FTP server.

Yeah i use FileZilla to ftp my server, its awesome!

FileZilla is the best.

thanks for the replies everyone, ill give Filezilla a shot