Remote Console/Admin Panel/Controls

Okay Okay, to start off this might be in the wrong section, please move it if it is.

Im looking for a Admin Panel type of thing that i can give to my admins and they can start/stop/restart the server when it crashes or its laggy. Does anyone know if this is a thing? I looked into a steam bot but from inspection it doesn’t look like it can do the functions.


BGPanel - Free
GamePanelX - Free
TCAdmin - Paid

Something free ? We have TCAdmin but it is completely broken and the dev that installed it can’t figure out why.

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Thanks Whitestar, ill look into those free ones.

Even though I dont use any webpanel, I would just create a new Linux user, and set their directory to the server only, so they can do like ./gmodserver restart or such.

If you don’t really need start/stop, you can just create a ulx command that runs _restart in the server console.

He said when the server crashes so others can boot it.

It should automatically restart if it crashes…

What if the server freezes though? SRCDS can’t pick them up.

for automatic restarting you need a monitoring software/script, duh >-<. Like LGSM does.