Remote Control Bird "WIP"

Body is pretty much done and its flying pretty well. i want to cut down on the thruster count and slow it down alot. Video shows the size, its very small for a garrys mod bird i think. Im pretty sure you would be hard pressed to make a smaller bird than this. Video is up and HD video should process soon.

Yes, win. Victory.

… so its a bird that flies like a plane ?

It’s a remote control plane with a bird body stapled too it. Nice effort :downs:

That bird would be dead before it’s in the air.

Need moar flapping wings D:

Beached as

Strap on some sound emitter things, mini explosives and you can start crashing this into people, kamikaze style.

I think you should have made it a glider. But it’s cool.

It actually glides very well, and it will fly for a few minutes completely unassisted. if you took it to the top of freespace it would probably fly for 5 minutes or more.

Needs more flapping wing as said before.

Just make the wings flap, no need to make it fly doing that, it’s just for looks. Because right now, it’s like a bird that was run over by a car.

But i like it.

I like how tiny it is.

Hmm, you should put it on the ground and then put something next to it and take a pic to show the size of it, cos i can’t tell when its in the air
this is also quite sexy, but more flapping wings

it works exactly like this plane I found on one of the nodex servers, but cool nonetheless.

Thats why i held the soccer ball next to it in the video.

thats sick :D, how come i havent seen this yet?? O_O

Meh, i just dont play with it much.

Oh it’s just a model. I thought it actually flapped or flew well
It would be good if you made it flap at least for aesthetics. As actual propulsion would be supergreatfantastic
Do like the model though; very… birdy-ish

yeah i have a version now with flapping wings, an update will be coming to show it soon.