Remote Server Hosting Help

Me and my friends are getting our remote server ready. I just have a few questions on how to add files to it. (we are also making a download pack, for regulars to download before they join our server, they will not be hosted on the game server)
Can I add addons to the server exactly the same way that I add them on my desktop?

If not what is different?

I will be running either ULX or MOOCOW on it, does the client need to download anything from that for it to work, should they be added the addons pack?

Well. i should not make a download pack. me bey you should use FastDL.
Here is a FaslDL Guide. Or use a free FastDL. FastDL v1.4 Released

Yes, is’t the same

No, ULX is a server side addon. So only on the server.