Removal of structures.

I recently had an admin abuse his powers and create a metal base several stories high. I have obviously removed his powers but what is the best way I can remove his entire structure without wiping the entire map? Obviously decay was my first option however if people come over, setup a few metal wall and a door, they can essentially taker over a base that is near indestructible. Suggestions?

6-8 c4 should destroy a metal wall, thats the best solution I can think of

Just blow up EVERYTHING with explosive charges.

then you are left with a bunch of foundations, pillars, and ceilings. As said in the original post all somone has to do is throw up a wall or two and a doorway and that huge base is theirs.

What I have done is this. I turn on God mode and create a wall or 2 of wood spikes around it. Then everyday I just repair these until the structure has rotted away. You can then easily evict anyone who tries to get in there.

just c4 it and drop metal pillars everywhere and let it decay.

Uber Hatchet should do the trick

Uber hatchet doesn’t destroy anything that the normal hatchet can’t

Admins need a weapon that adds decay to whatever it hits. This would be capable of removing foundations/ceilings/pillars. Unfortunately nobody has made one yet and my LUA is rusty (for Oxide).