Remove admin spawning.

We all know they do it. Every server admin just so happens to be part of the most powerful group on the server. Coincidence? I think not.

Rather than point fingers, I want to talk about the spawn feature. Why do admins need that feature? They don’t. All they need is the ability to kick and ban players, to keep hackers at bay. The server I play on “The Walking Rust” has admins that spawn shit for players. My friend was given a whole stack of 556, 9mm and shotgun shells by the admin there. Now my friend be an idiot, got killed and lost it all. Those bullets are now in the world having required absolutely no resource hunting like what I do to get my bullets (I have very few).

I think the feature should be banned.

They pay for the server right? And I personally think you’re welcome to play on a different server.

Always can play Official servers too, plus they pay for it, you don’t.

That’s quite a greedy attitude. It seems a shame, the two things that are killing this game atm is hackers and admins. Legit players like me can’t win either way.

It’s the admins problem not Facepunch. If admins want to pay for servers and dick around with there players they can. Just disconnect and join another server.

Clearly you are too dumbass to understand what I am getting at here. Yes it is their server, yes they pay for it, but that don’t make it OK for them to outright cheat. I know I can move to another server, but you can’t find out about admin ethics on that server until you play it for quite some time.

My point is, why did the developers even give admins these features? It would be pretty ignorant to think that there are plenty of servers out there with legit admins… They ruin the game just as much as hackers are. Hell I prefer the hackers, at least you don’t get a team of brown nosing little twats following them around everywhere.

It’s “their” server so they can do whatever they want is a weak and tired argument. It’s not “their” server. They’re renting it.

There are other games like the DayZ standalone where server admins don’t have the ability to spawn all the weapons, loot and gear they want. In most games, server admins are expected to adhere to the same rules as the players although reporting admins who don’t is difficult since you first have to track down their host (which is doable with the IP) but it’s even harder to get a server provider to give an admin the boot, since it’s their business basically.

This is just an example that I witnessed…It took 4 months of constant player reporting for admin abuse on a Battlefield server before some snooty little 13 year old lost his server, who then immediately posted on the forums that ha, ha his dad would just buy him another one. Yeah, I know that’s the joke people usually make (i.e. your mommy paid for it) but this kid actually openly bragged about the fact.

It’s pointless complaining about it in Rust though, because it’s allowed. Renting a server gives you instant Carebear-God-Mode in Rust. Yeah, not everyone abuses it but…most will take advantage of it to some degree.

$100 says this kid would spawn 50 stacks of C4 and 2x the metal if he ever got admin.

That server in general has had some vid’s on youtube of admin abuse already,
But it all depends on what server you play on, Most admins don’t abuse and infact
help player the best they can to get a good community going.

So it all depends on what server you join, look around and try different servers
there might be one you like that you can call your home.

First of all, I’m 25, far from a kid. And secondly, no what’s the point in playing if you can just have everything from the get go. I enjoy going out gathering, worrying about other players. If I can spawn anything to fill up my storage boxes, there is no point in even going outside other than to kill people. Shit I might as well just go. Play COD if it got to that.

25? you are still a kid

By law I’m an adult, but clearly you know best.

It’s their server. If you don’t like it, leave. I spawn items and use my powers to deal with reports of hackers and player issues. When done I toss the items and go back to my legit ‘wooden’ base that I spent days gathering for.

We pay a monthly fee to host a server. Sometimes I’ll give players a random gift just for playing. Couldn’t do that if they removed it. Go play on an empty server or an official server if you don’t want to deal with abusive admins.

It’s an unfortunate truth if you’ve been playing for a while to discover the admin is spawning on a legitimate server for gain or other unsavory things.

These options are implemented in the Alpha as part of testing, you need to be able to quickly access functions/items to test new ideas and additions.

Perhaps in time FP will reduce the amount of priveleges Admin’s have. But a game with the vast amount of things to do like Rust benefits from having creative servers (ala Minecraft).

I personally love having full functions. Exploiting them gets old quick and takes away the fun. But if/when the server files do get released I will be modding and testing my heart out. Having no less than complete control can hinder that.

I think they should be able to spawn items, build sky fortresses, whatever they want as long as it does not affect the normal players.

Not on my server. Admins on the server I play on made a rule that we all (including them) must not be in a group of no more than 5 to prevent mass zerging. PM me if you want the info. However, I wish I can say the same thing about the 3 servers I used to play on. Admins definitely spawned-in items and would teleport wherever. It kind of sucks that they are able to do what they want, abuse their powers and no one can hold them accountable. The only thing left is just drop all of your work on that server and join another and hope the admins are better.

I have to say I’m one of the admins on the server I play on and we do spawn in items,
mainly building stuff, to find the best way to build and defend a base, then pass the info on to the
players on the server, so they can better defend themselves against raiders.

As I said in a post above we don’t abuse the admin tools but we do help the players on
the server the best we can and repair there bases if they have been raided.
You could say ours is a training server for noobs as its a PvE server.

i think your idea is pretty bad.

i rent a server and i spawn itens constantly like said above. my server is a pvp server, but we have some rules for raiding. when someone breakes it, i spawn itens to make things right like breaking stairs/doors built by the raider. before rust++ instako to destroy things, if a player asks me to destroy one wall misplaced, or i’d to destroy something built for a raider i would spawn c4 to do it and then secure at my base i throw that stuff away.

also sometimes i give some junk to all players connected like chocolate bars, a can of beans just to be friendly. also this might be fun, everytime you get one player asking for stuff, so you can troll him and give just one… like the guy is asking for cloth, i’ve pleasure to spawn 1 cloth for him lol. in brazil we say something like ‘i’ll give you a hand’ as like ‘i’ll help you out’, if there is someone that keep asking stuff it’s funny say i’ll give you a hand, and give a rock for him lol. no i don’t give stuff back to ppl if they die or get raided, i don’t give ammo, weapons or anything like that.

besides that if you have a pve server you can build stuff for all players, like a community center or an arena and would be stupid if you have to use your own resources to build that kind of stuff.

edit: but i do have ppl complaining sometimes. ppl get pissed when their base is raided, so some ppl say: admin spawned c4 to raid my base, but they miss the point that i’m admin, i’m online most of the time and when i’m not destroying things for ppl, i’m gathering resources or crafting stuff. so if you put like 40 hours/week on your server after +250 hours it’s not hard to have a metal house and loads of c4. another critical point is that some ppl don’t understand that if i’m renting a rust server is because i like the game and i wanna play it. some ppl think that if you’re admin you’re there to make them happy, just to serve ppl. for them it seems you can’t play, you can’t have fun, it’s like i’m getting paid to be there and help ppl. as admin i’m not employee of players, i’m there to help and i’ve all the right to actually play the game when i want to.

We are much like you, but we don’t build there bases they build there own.
We just suggest way to build them to better protect them from raiders. :wink:
We have built a pvp arena for when we have pvp nights. Admins do not take part only judge the winner.

cool, sounds a lot of fun.

i don’t build their bases, but it’s forbidden raid building stairs outside or blowing walls to get in, so if that happens i’ll happily replace the wall destroyed. or the raider destroy some doors and replace by its own, so i’ll destroy them and i’ll give couple of doors to the guy who had his base raided. if nothing wrong is done, i won’t do anything.

edit: my server was pve for some time and we built an arena too :D, it’s quite fun