Remove big rocks that can't be jumped on

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad the craning issue was addressed, but now there are bases that cannot be raided. Is this something we want, unraidable bases? If not I suggest we remove the boulders that these bases are being built on, or remove the ability to build on them.

why not also remove building under water?

If you do that, you also need to remove water bases. Because they can also not be raided ( if properly designed ).

And rock bases can be raided. Even with a cupboard i was able to tower onto one and run-jump it. The person did not put cupboards in the corner ( only center ). So it depends on the builders there ability.

Also… smart people can jump - trow C4 onto corner walls trying to take out the cupboards. Or one can tower and trow C4 to the corners. Technically a siege method. The moment the side cupboards are gone, one can build closer and jump inside.

Or one can misuse any weakness in the design from the architect.

And ground fortresses can be penetrated in 1/10 the time that it takes to actually make any half descent fortress. Especially if nobody is online during the raid time.

then why are you glad the diving board were removed ? it maybe was not the most beautiful way to raid those house, but it still was a valid way.

On reddit now, there are 3 person every day asking to modify the tool cupboard: make the tool cupboard only deny hammer upgrades, but not deny twig buildings. I agree with that. griefing by blocking every house entrance with armored wall will still not be possible, and it give people a legit way to raid. people can still defend by using armored as it takes 3 C4 to penetrate an armor wall anyway. The only people that will complain will be noobs with an open, unlocked balcony.

Yes. Thats why this game so dumb. Destroying unprotected bases, becuase nobody online and call that raid just a noob. I dont care if they remove rock bases, but they must ad more advanced traps or automatic weapons or ai guards to defend base when nobody online. or just make bases untouchable when the owner is offline.

It would be easy then to just get another account and buy rust on it or family share then never login on that one again so the building will be indestructible. The other way would be the time since u opened the door last time, like let’s say if you haven’t touched any door in the house for 24h it would become like that. If they will ever want to do that though I doubt it this would be the only method I could see possible

you guys need to stop discussing the same issue over and over again … 90% i read in this Forum is “rock bases are dumb” - “waterbases are unfair too” - “raiding is too easy/hard” - “defending is too easy/hard” blah blah blah … I think that the Devs are well aware of the problem by now … just give them some time to come up with a proper solution…

Rock bases are not unraidable. I’ve raided rock bases and had mine raided as well. The only variable is how difficult they are to raid.

how cute.
don’t remove cool things, add new features!
as it is right now, just few rock bases are actually not reachable.
the others are silly attems and usually are easy to raid.
also the water bases, just few of them are tricky enough to keep you outside.

in the mean time, while we study how to raid those houses, just hope that the devs program some new feature to climb up, like ladders or hooks, or other sci-fi epic things we still can’t imagine.


as i always say, the issue is not the building on the rock, it’s the cupboards magical forcefield preventing you from building up to it. same with water bases, if you could build a platform in the water, you wouldn’t have to stand there in the cold water dying and it would become less of an “exploit” to build there.

but as crunch said, rock bases are not unraidable, just difficult due to the handicaps offered by the cupboard.

A friend and I raided a massive rock base last night. We weren’t sure we’d be able to. My friend jumped up on a smaller rock beside the main rock the base was built on and tossed a C4 charge which blew open a wall. We could see the tool cupboard in the back corner of the exposed room, which we then shot out with our guns. We built a twig tower, got in, and had our way with the occupants and the base’s content.

This one was easy because of the poorly placed their tool cupboard. Usually they’re not quite this easy.


isnt the idea to remove the cupboard eventually once the balance is right? is this still the plan? surely then rock bases wont be unraidable any more.

I’m fairly certain they’re only waiting for more raiding tools to be introduced before taking it out.

surely the other way round. they would need better defenses to remove the cupboard. like something that stopped people griefing without having to resort to pillar defense like legacy.

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Like if they added something like roof spikes to stop people landing on your roof then there would be much less need to worry about people climbing on your roof. and if you had something to stop people building next to you that was a physical deterrent rather then a magic one then surely cupboards could go.

Imagine how easy raiding then becomes. Beyond most big clans with a lot of members, most players at best spend a few hours playing on the servers. The best world comparison is simply: No matter how good your home is fortified, a burglar can easily get in during the hours you are not at home.

Even with all the C4 nerves it has not stopped or delayed any raids to the point that the building owner can defend it ( with the exception for big clans who have the manpower ).

And with roof spikes, there’s no longer a need for the cupboard, but now the balance has heavily shifted towards the builder. Raiding defense AND raiding offense needs to be added to the game. Plus I seriously hate seeing tacky twig towers all over the map because we don’t have a simple ladder to climb.

Any of the bases, water, on a rock, whatever, can be raided. The only base that is truly hard to raid is a HUGE tower, since the requirements to get to the top are very expensive and time consuming. However, with a group, even that can be raided. A way to make raiding easier would be to instead make gunpowder queuing better.

There is no unraidable base, period. In my opinion, folks that come on here asking for rock bases and water bases to be removed are just too lazy to work for it. With a group of 7 living in a huge walled in tower, just this week we have raided 3 rock bases, 2 in the water, and a 10 story tower using a combo of C4 and hand tools.

The rock and the water bases just provide another challenge to get through. Removing them would then lead to whining about bases with too many floors, or big bases or too many doors, Etc.

Some people just want instant gratification and want it too easy.

would you be so kind to show some proof of those “hard” rock/water bases you just raided?
becouse i can ASURE you, yuo wont be raiding any base that is designed properly…
you just wont… unless you find a RPG or find a way to toss c4 up to 5th floor…

the recipe for sucess at base defense is simple…

start with whatever foundation design you like… 5x5, 6x6, a hexagon, octogon or whatever… pilar up, upgrade pilars, walls up to floor 5, then put cupboards on all corners(on floor 5)… 4 sides? then 4 cupboards, 6 sides? then 6 cupboards for safety…
1st and 2nd floor have absolutely nothing… just an empty shell with reinforced pilars… you get into the house building 3 blocks…
floor 3 and 4 are just stairs up… make the stairs twig so if the atacker is stupid enoug to trow c4 like a baseball pitcher, they will destroy their only chance to get up… more frustrating.

build this base on water, and the atacked will have to drown himself trowing c4 to the outer walls… add layers of walls(separed with 3 tiles out the main building) for increased anoyance.

Now, if you manage to come here with lets say… 80 c4, and trow it like a madman trying to destroy foundations, everything from floor 3 or 4 and up, will stand there… and you wont be able to get a item from inside… defender will login, find his base floating… laugh maniacally, then proceed to rebuild…

and then you have rock bases… that well, if the rock is 2 floors up and not jumpable, then you have a truly unraidable base no matter the amount of c4 you have stashed.

That base isn’t unraidable.