Remove cupboards


Cupboards are so retarded…

I liked it way better when you actually had to hit your walls to expand your building or to make a change.

Also when people forget to put down their cupboard, you are basically spreading your anus wide open because people get 1000 wood, craft a cupboard and place it next to your house. Then they can suddenly destroy every inch of your building. Very realistic.

Please delete it as soon as possible. If you want to make a change to your building, hit it by yourself. Want to raid? Make people actually hit the building instead of placing down a telephone box to magically destroy everything.


  1. Cupboards remove creativity.
    1a) No more protecting your roof by cool traps or fences, a dumb closet in your house takes care of that!
    1b) The entrance is now at the bottom floor of the base, there’s no raid possibility on bases with unreachable roof (without building staircases)
    1c) You need multiple cupboards if a cupboard range is too small. If there’s someone else with a cupboard just out of range of your cupboard, your pretty much hopeless.

  2. Makes game unlogic
    2a) This game isn’t about logic, I get that, however was the developer drunk when he thought that if you have access to this closet that all the walls are made of feather? It’s not “raiding your base”, it is now called “finding the cupboard with F3 and destroy the walls to access the cupboard and destroy the walls”. No challenge anymore for Raiders.
    2b) Build a base and forget to put your cupboard in, because your new or just forgot… Now wait for a dickhead to create a cupboard and place it outside of your house, which makes the game think that all this building here belongs to dickhead, so he can destroy it within 5 seconds.

Not going to write more, you’re not retarded, cupboards are bad and you know it’s unbalanced as shit.
If you want to think criticism on a game isn’t allowed press “Dumb” or “Disagree” below vvvvvvvvvvvvv

i don’t think they should be removed But Maybe Tweaked so ownership is kept when cupboard is destroyed but you need to place a cupboard again to make changes. New Owner can only adjust his own additions via the cupboard.

“Very realistic.” Rust isn’t a simulator.

I don’t think they should be removed, but the devs could put a weather protection after the cupboard be destroyed… 2 hours (in real time), for example, that the owner put another cupboard.

Sure cupboards could be tweaked, but they don’t completely stop people from raiding. If you don’t want to spread your anus open then don’t forget to place your cupboard.

If you can forget to lay down a tool cupboard during your build, then you deserve to be raided.

The tool cupboards are more to prevent griefing, like players placing walls in front of your doors etc.
Would you honestly rather go back to the “free-for-all” build mechanics where every house you built had three towers constructed next to it within an hour, all by nooblatines trying to get atop your house?

Haha, they still do that. We had a pretty solid house that got raided by people building a 10 story twig tower diving board just outside our cupboard radius.

Try using the environment and biomes to your advantage when building a base :wink:
Also to stop them building towers up to get atop your base, build three stone “sheds” at key points away from your base and hide toolcupboards under the floors of them. That way in order to even consider creating a tower, they first have to break down stone walls to capture your outer tool cupboards :wink: works a treat lol

So people think it’s great that when somebody can access your goddamn cupboard suddenly all your walls are made of feather?

Or when a new guy on Rust knows how to make a base, gets raided because somebody put a cupboard there and just destroys his walls?

And what’s wrong with other people creating walls / stairs next to your building? This just makes raiding way more fun / creative. This cupboard system just ruins creativity. I remember in legacy where we made a 2 story stairs next to a building which had no roof. Why should the system disallow me to create a building next to somebody else’s unless they give permission to it? This isn’t Habbo Hotel ffs

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If “nooblatines” would go on top of your house this just allows more creativity. Place bear traps, fences, whatever on your roof. That sounds way more logical than having a telephone box in your house making your roof safe.

I suddenly feel the inspiration to make a cartoon.

Bear traps are worthless for long term (and by long term, I mean overnight or any extended time you are away from the game) protection. There aren’t enough mechanisms in game yet for longer term protection. Spiked wall would help.

I haven’t tested it lately, but there was a glitch that allowed you to DC in the middle of a long fall, resulting in you taking much less fall damage than expected for the distance. This is something else that would need to be resolved before even thinking about removing cupboards.

I actually like the cupboards. They by no means allow bases to be made unraidable. Just when I think I’ve accomplished that, I end up getting raided. They are a better mechanism than preventing foundations from being placed too close which resulted in foundation-and-pillar protections around bases in legacy.

couldn’t choose both, but with the attitude i would have;)

i agree that the cupboards are a kiddy proofing system that isn’t needed. i also realize that they were a bandaid fix for a number of raiding techniques that were being abused, and hope that they will eventually be removed entirely.

in legacy, one of the most legitimate ways of raiding a base was to build up into it. this prevents that, and i find that sad, as it was not only effective, but interesting. not only that, but the next solution by the community was to make diving boards…cheap, crappy, effective means of working around the exclusion bubble that absolutely bore the crap out of me.

Tweak the cupboard so the owner gets a 4 number code like the code lock and without this code someone else can’t use the cupboard to totally destroy the base.

This still does not defeat the issue, it can be broken down and replaced by raiders. And still “claim” ownership of your base. I can only see a code lock in any sense and or form, make it safe for 30 sec or less, while they destroy it.

I love the fact that your house has a heart. You have to protect it. If you lose the heart of your building, then it dies… and gets demolished. I do think that c4 shouldn’t be able to destroy it through walls.

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Legacy was also bogus… I built a house to the very limits of where you could build to prevent raiders… took way too much work to finally make that happen. Plus greifers would come in and put a pillar in your walls so that you could never patch your house again. This will happen in some fashion if they don’t have tool chests where you are left with a ruined house. One that will require hours of hatcheting to fix. I don’t want to have to build another one of these to prevent people from building next to me. I also don’t want to have to put a Band-Aid on my building like a large gate to fix where people get in and put stuff I can’t fix.

The cupboards are probably completely not needed now, but there’s no reason to be a douche about it. When they were added gameplay consisted of building bases, shooting, or building gold walls in front of doors on bases. The implementation of the cupboards may not have been the best choice, but that’s probably because the one guy bringing up valid points that would later prove true was drown out by a sea of idiots worried about some mythical madman covering entire maps with 1x1 gold shacks with cupboards in them.

State your case and leave the BS out of it, otherwise people argue with your BS. The building has changed so much since cupboards were added that they may be preventing something that isn’t a problem anymore. With ten trees and rocks you could build a castle, with friends it could be gold in ten minutes, and it took an hour to get through one of those walls. While griefers didn’t get anything from building you in, it didn’t cost them anything either.

This is still assuming the cupboards were added to prevent griefing.

Lol at OP.

If youre going to play like a noob you deserve to lose your stuff.

I like how everyone acts mad on my childish first post xD

Also on a serious note, nobody has actually told me a benefit of the cupboards, and even if there are some, I think the negatives weigh more in this case.

The only benefit of cupboards are destroying mistakes easier, but the negative is that everyone can do this if you have access to it.

That negative doesn’t apply to cupboards, it applies to poor base design. Just like the mistaken assumption that cupboards limit creativity in any way. These are your short-comings and not flaws in the design of cupboards. To compare building and raiding now to building and raiding in legacy is just asinine anyways. There was a way to build an unraidable base in legacy, and there was very little variation to it’s design. Experimental doesn’t have the same limitations, and cupboards are needed to prevent douchebag armies from just building you in.

what needs to be fixed is using boxes at stairs to build over basses becouse they flote

raiding is what is. just because people think of ways to use the system put in place to do what you refuse to accept doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

as of right now i think cup boards are over powered and people have to go to such great lengths just to get inside a walled area.

you want your stuff to be there when you get back. you would be better off arguing that raiding houses should be taken out of the game. not argue about small changes to cupboards or how boxes shouldn’t be stack able or how building a nearly deadly diving board should be outlawed.