remove durability

no one wants this shit

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I want that shit.



garry wants it?

I would prefer it not exist or at least give admins the ability to turn it off.

Less First Person Shooter, more First Person Survival, good work Garry.

stupid mechanic, if there is an option to turn it off i bet every server would have it off. just like that retarded lockpick idea

Give it some time to be tweaked or modded servers will find a way to turn it off. It is not the end of the world at least give it some time to see if it is a worthwhile mechanic.

Lockpick was a dumb, unbalancing idea, whereas durability is a significantly positive balance effect.

It also enables the concept of “rarity”, if it’s properly implemented.

It’s here to stay…

it should be an option like a lot of other things.

I want it

I find it hilarious how people bitch about a lack of realism due to heads shots not always being 1 hit kills, animals all dropping chicken and other things. They add a realistic albeit needs work durability system and suddenly people are bitching because now that their gun can break they can’t just mow down people like nothing or have to plan trips with tool durability in mind.

I like it, adds balance into the game.

If you are one of those that spawn kills, yea, you are not going to like it… Is it really worth it now to kill a neked just to be a jerk, knowing your gun will take damage???

Less KOS is always good…

Durability (at least this type of durability) does not balance the game. All it does is place the small group (or solo) players at even more of a disadvantage because if they get lucky and find an item or farm enough to craft one, there’s now another game mechanic (along with being killed) which will cause you to lose it. If you think this will hurt the raiders with their stockpiles of weapons or large groups of armed clans, you are sadly mistaken.

Without complete server wipes, I completely agree with you… But nothing can be done about the large groups of players, and I don’t think there should be… These players are playing smart, power in numbers after all…

Worst thing that will happen is they will have to farm resources for an extra couple of minutes. Solo players, or smaller groups will have to play smarter, which is good for the game as a whole… Right now we just have people blasting anything that moves without any sort of repricusion, add in durability and we MIGHT see less…

I’m at work, so I havent seen it in action yet, so like anything, I will hold my judgment on this implementaion of durability until I see it… It will undoubtably need tweaking, the amount will be decided by the devs.

If a raid goes wrong or if the raiders don’t plan for a loss of durability during a fight then it can dramatically change the outcome. You can’t assume that the “raid group” is always going to win every fight.

How in the world would a small group be as effective as a large? There’s no way to balance what you’re asking for. If you want to play Rust as a solo player, you have to settle for smaller rewards – which isn’t always a bad thing. If a clan base gets hit, they can lose enormous amounts of stuff (me and one other friend got a base like that once, and got 30+ guns on a no-weapon craft server, 4-5k wood, and 3-4k metal frags, among lots of other things). If you play solo, just play smart and you’ll be fine.

This is what I had hoped that durability would address… If it is properly implemented, it should be near-impossible to “stockpile” weapons, particularly the high-end ones.

Unfortunately, it looks like durability is far too “weak” to have an impact, unless they dramatically dial-down the loot rates.

i can undestrand durability, but it must be realistic and not to give a limit to some gaming problems as raiding. i speak as a weak player that is always raided and never raids. now figure out that you are doing your own stuff in your house and a bunch of bandits attack you. what will you do? they will be obviously armed as necessary and you will be there trapped in your house with just a m4 and some bullets. you already know that your m4 will fail before you kill everyone. is it still good to you? i say that durability is right, but you can even think about a m4 (crafted or not, you can find it in the crates so it is to be considered as a brand made one anyways) that fails in about 4 magazines… i heard that in real life soldiers use them in war, but i didn’t heard that they drop them after 4 mags to replace them with new ones… and the problem are not the weapons, the main problem are tools that you daily use, like hatchets or pickaxes. hatchets are made to take down woods and i can’t just end a daily research with a single one… i find it ridiculous! pickaxes are used to dig entire mines and 1 hour ago me and my friend found that a raider placed 2 sleeping bed on hour roof and i broke a pickaxe (!!!) TO REMOVE THEM! it is just ridiculous and not player friendly. and no, it will never kill raiders cause they will pay more attention on the equipment before attacking and you will be weaker when they will come.