Remove Gamemode Voting in Prop Hunt

As it says in the title, how do I remove the gamemode voting in Prop Hunt. I’ve messed around with fretta gmchanger lua file but it isn’t doing anything.

Help would be great

Ok it fixed… so first u need to get extreme prophunt:ulx edition. then u extract it using gmadextractor.
inside gamemode, copy all the fretta content and replace the original fretta with the one you copied.

Hope it solves your problem.

or you could just do fretta_voting 0

Doesn’t this stop map voting also?

yea it does stop map voting…

Where would I place that?

In the server.cfg file.

Should it be like this?
// server name
hostname “blablabla”

// rcon passsword
rcon_password “blabla”

// fretta voting
fretta_voting “0”

You could do this and then find an alternative map vote to use, which I would recommend because I think the copy of fretta that comes with Prop Hunt still breaks if the vote occurs and there’s no players on to choose.