Remove head of clientside ragdoll

I want to remove the head of the clientside ragdoll produced when a player dies in multiplayer.

Does anyone know how to do it?

I think you’d have to replace the original ragdoll with a custom model.
I think this falls under the catagory “cut ragdolls/objects”?(Cut the head away from the ragdoll)

I know that you can shrink the head with the inflator tool, but is it possible to do so on a clientside ragdoll?

It is possible. Just use bone matrix to do it.

function ply:GetRagdollEntity().BuildBonePositions()
local boneIndex = ply:LookupBone(“ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1”)
local boneMatrix = ply:GetBoneMatrix(boneIndex)
ply:SetBoneMatrix(boneIndex, boneMatrix)

what is bone matrix?

Inside every single creature (in real life) is a series of lines. These lines show where each bone goes. Without these lines our bones would go all floppy and wonky. You can inflate these lines to make them look funny.

A bone matrix contains several numbers (16 floating point numbers I believe) that act as instructions on how to move, rotate, and scale vertices. When you rotate, move, or scale a bone, it changes that bone’s matrix. When it comes time to draw the verts attached to that bone, the bone matrix is used to transform those verts from local space to world space.

Without bone matrices, you get the minge-bag effect on players (think GMod 8 Kliners, or War of the Servers or whatever). This happens because the bone matrix transformations aren’t being applied.

Thanks guys, it works!

Is there a way to check when a clientside ragdoll has been shot? And where, etc.