Remove HL2 Hud from gamemode

Okay so on my deathrun gamemode the HL2 HUD still appears under the custom one

How can i remove it server side?

Thanks in advance

In a clientside file of your gamemode, you need to use the **[Gamemode.HUDShouldDraw](** hook to return the “CHudHealth” false

Take a go at it and if you need more help then post back, I’ll be glad to assist :slight_smile:

I added

local function HideThings( name )
if(name == “CHudHealth”) or (name == “CHudBattery”) then
return false
– We don’t return anything here otherwise it will overwrite all other
– HUDShouldDraw hooks.
hook.Add( “HUDShouldDraw”, “HideThings”, HideThings )

Into the clienside folder, then HUD.lua but no luck

That’s strange, getting any errors? And are you absolutely sure the code is even loading? (try gamemode/cl_init.lua to be absolutely sure).

Also, use [lua] tags around code, it makes things easier to read :smile:

Fixed it. I forgot end at the bottom.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: