Remove instant healing items Add in Animated Healing items.

Having over 150 calories and being “comfortable” results in up to 75 hp via regeneration. This is Fine

Eating a wolf meat = instant 5 hp this is Broken ( unless it has an animation for eating a single piece that takes time do do )

Applying simple bandages = instant Hp + cures bleeding This is Broken.

Applying Large Bandage = ** 100% Hp and cures bleeding. This is BROKEN BADLY**

Add animations for all healing items to make healing more skillful and less click a button and be instantly healed magically and instantly!

Yeah I know my tone is probably not the best but these things make the game play like shit.

The only healing item that is balanced right now is the healing syringe/Stimpack Good work, you guys should make all healing items like this one.

I know there are a-lot of things left to work on and that you guys probably have this planed, I just thought I would throw it out there for once you guys fix the bugs/exploits and start working on Game Mechanics that make the game play awesome.

Idk man I raged when food first gave hp when it was absurd amounts, but 5 hp imo is just fine. The max stack is 20 so you’re really only good for one heal with the stack. Bandages are in a similar boat although i’m fairly sure they’ll be nerfed a bit eventually. I like the animated healing items too but I still feel like this game can have instant healing without breaking melee combat.

i should probably clarify the agree since there are so many points:) everything is, of course, IMO.

Regen with good stamina pool is fine. bandages applying health is broken, and they should just stop bleeding. large bandages really don’t have a place in the game. at most, maybe you could have it that critical bleed needs a large bandage, and normal bleed a normal bandage, but i think it’s probably pointless.

Adding animations for their use is definitely something i’d like to see. make it that unless you finish the animation, it isn’t used. then have bandages take like 2 seconds to use, and medkits take a good 5 seconds; that way you need to find shelter to use a medkit, instead of it being a red potion. rather than instant healing, i would have very short animations for basic first aid, and more intense animations for greater returns.

The med-syringe is well done, though i would have it provide a temp boost to stamina or something rather than direct health; or have it a temp health boost that A) can temporarily go past 100 and B) increases your stamina consumption dramatically.

Healing is a joke atm. A good balance in healing is an important factor of good PvP play.
This is one of the reasons I’m not fully playing the new Rust. Currently it’s just so annoying to know that the well geared guy you’re fighting (naked) against is tapping those stacks of wolf meat.

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Brings me to why I don’t understand when people like Argyle Alligator say new Rust is at a point were it has surpassed what Legacy was in it’s hayday. It’s simply not. Many gameplay elements has yet to be tweaked/balanced!

I’m sure they are already working on it, they showed a bandage animation test a bit ago and it wasn’t that good looking.

I rather wait a bit longer and get nice animations instead of rushed shitty looking ones.

A cooldown on health items could work for now…

But… That was the EXACT gameplay of legacy? Medkits were insanely easy to make in legacy once you got the blueprint. At least these health items give less returns

I’m not talking about crafting medkits etc., neither does op. It’s about how medical items work at the moment - that an important game mechanic is unbalanced/not worked on right now.


Also I would like to make this suggestion that instead of just getting a set amount of health, that increasing the regeneration rate might be a better healing solution.

That way you can heal but it isn’t instant.

This way you can have animated healing but it still isn’t a magic cure all instant revive 100% life super awesome omg you are a god item.

( The large bandage is an instant 100% hp with 0 cooldown , animation, or regen time, it cures bleeding and I wouldn’t be surprised if it cured other status ailments. ) Please fix this and the 5 life instant wolf meat! 9 A 20 stack = 100 hp, a 20 stack is super easy to get once you have a base by an animal. )