Remove kill icons + notices.

Hi, i’m currently working on a rpmod. Everything works fine, but i have no idea how i remove the killicons + the notices your get in your console.
I’ve searches a bit and found some different solutions, but they are all clientside(using consolecommands).

Do you have some code to do this serverside?

Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can hide the notices in your console, but you can hide the killicons using this hook:

I haven’t tested it but I’m pretty sure you can override both.

You can take the hook defined in the base gamemode and remove everything that has to do with death notices and console messages. Here’s what you get :
[lua]function GM:PlayerDeath( Victim, Inflictor, Attacker )

// Don't spawn for at least 2 seconds
Victim.NextSpawnTime = CurTime() + 2
Victim.DeathTime = CurTime()


If you want to hook.Add this instead of defining it in the gamemode table you will have to return something in order to override the basic behaviour.

You can remove the notices i just dunno how :frowning: It has been done before, i actually think in DarkRP

Two different methods have already been explained…