Remove Locked Bags!

Please Facepunch remove the locked bag feature, many people have stopped playing on servers because of this situation and I am in support of them. I am really annoyed of this and really hope you can remove this feature which has outraged the comunity!
I would appreciate this a lot and many people would also be thrilled, Thank you!
Comment if you are in support!

As I understand it server admins can deactivate it?

The amount of time that backpacks are locked is a value set by the admins. With the option to even deactivate locking by setting said value to 0.

Admins can deactivate it if they want.

Me personally? I ain’t outraged. I’ve had too many fresh spawns take my stuff when a bear or a zombie kill me that I really don’t mind.

Either way, what the Devs want and what the community can do, to convince what the Devs really want is all that matters. Lockpics are almost certainly going to be changed in someway before the final release.

As long as you can decide whether it’s enabled or disabled it’s fine by me. Waste of developer’s time but, at least, not mine.

I just wish bags would stay where you die for A LOT of time, like 30 minutes ~ 1 hour but it might get laggy, idk, I just wish.

Why is everyone crying over the locked bags it is not that hard to make a lock pick. I think this is a good idea and I am glad it has been added. If people are leaving the server then ask the owner/admin to turn it off if they want too.

the amount of time the backpack is locked for is per-server and can be set with the command player.backpackLockTime seconds
can be turned off by setting player.backpackLockTime to 0

Here’s what will happen - locked bags will stay, and can only be open with lock picks. And everyone will have lock picks, so locked bags are actually non-existent.