Remove Lua Errors

Howdy, i am getting a few lua errors with my server, and i need a way to prevent users from seeing them, as it looks kinda unprofessional with a bunch
of lua error messages popping up.

I don’t want to fix the problems, nor do i need to, as they don’t affect game play, and the developers are bums.

So does anyone have a .dll or some lua script that will prevent my users from seeing the errors?

[lua]error = function ( ) end
Error = function ( ) end
ErrorNoHalt = function ( ) end[/lua]


(This won’t actually remove all Lua errors, just the ones created manually, which are pretty much none)

Remove the offending addons, they won’t work if they’re erroring anyways.

I already said they do work, and i am not willing to remove them, as they are part of the core of my servers content.

If there are errors it means that at least something doesn’t work. So you shoud stop being a lazy ass and fix them (I hope you actually know Lua).

I cant restate the fact that they do work, obviously something something is broken, but its not critical. Its multiple nil value errors, they aren’t hurting anyone. Not going to fix, posted thread to hide them.

Your going to have a hard time trying to hide them then. They were designed so developers wouldnt be bums

Why don’t you post the errors and appropriate lines so we can point you in the right direction of fixing it.

This is like looking at a screaming “stalling” light of an airplane and saying:
“What the fuck is this shit about? Obviously I’m still flying! Everything’s fine, I only need to turn off the annoying sound because it’s unprofessional.

You sound like someone with the qualities to be running a server. (Jk)

hello, yes there is a .dll to do this, it’s called tisker.dll

try googling for it.

This entire thread reminds me of FuckItJS.

Those errors aren’t being caused by the server, they are being caused by the portion of the scripts that are run by the client. In other words, if you want your server to appear professional, you need to act professionally and fix/remove the addons in question. There is no rug for you to effortlessly sweep your problems under.