Remove "Outdated" (Dead animals, feces, partially nude children) files on Front Page

Edit Looks like they got removed. Thanks FP!

agreed, theyre not even gmod related

Plz someone ban the guy who upload that nasty screens and all that thing or do something because he upload photo of dead animals and children !

This guy is a sick bastard some one ban him ASAP

Yes! they have been removed WOOO!


Ok read the other thread on him before this one and after finding out what all he posted, I’ve got to say that people like him are about 90% of the reason why politicians want to censor the internet… and I totally get where they’re coming from with that I mean that shit is fucked up. (I do not support censoring the internet, I do however support preventing people like him from being able to do that kind of fucked up shit on the internet)