Remove push on damage

Hello guys, I’ve been messing around with SetDamageForce trying to remove the push that a player receives when they take damage. I set the SetDamageForce to 0 and confirmed that it is printing 0 in EntityTakeDamage. I even tried inverting the vector so the player wouldn’t go flying forward. I must be missing something here because this has no effect on the player what so ever but perhaps maybe the ragdoll?

With that being said I just notice that the push force the player receives correlates with how much damage is done. If you set the weapons damage to 5 the player only moves slightly, if you set it to 500 the player gets pushed very far. Sorry for the stupid questions, any help with the push force issue would be very much appreciated!

Thanks again!

You’re looking to remove knockback?
You could limit any angular velocity to 0 using the

function SWEP:PrimaryAttack()

pushvel.z = math.Clamp(pushvel.z, 0, .1)

this takes a very in depth understanding of sweps to be able to do correctly. There may be an easier way that someone else knows about.
the Z is representative of the Z axis so that can be interchanged with X and Y. Perhaps do some research on where the math regarding pushback is and edit it to your liking.

Sorry to be such an idiot, but is pushvel.z the GetDamageForce or a bullets force? Also I should have mentioned this before the damage type is set to DMG_SLASH, this is for a knife not a gun.

Thanks again for the response!