Remove Raid Towers = Only Jump Hackers Can Raid

Let’s face it, anyone that has more than 20 hours on this game knows to build a base with multiple stories and remove the stairs to prevent raiders from getting to the treasure / cupboard rooms. In order to counter this method, raiders were building tall towers with horizontal pillars/walls that would extend out and allow them to drop onto the roof of the base.

With today’s patch raid towers were effectively nerfed. You can no longer build horizontal pillars/walls to get on top of a base and C4 your way down. This means almost any half decent base is now nearly unraidable by legitimate players.

Unless some sort of climbing/ladder/tower system is implemented that allows legitimate players to access rooftops, I expect we will only be seeing people with third party cheat programs raiding effectively.

after a week, the only thing left to do for my group and i left to do was raid our rivals. but now that they removed the diving board… i dont think i will be playing that much this week until they add a way to raid those house on rocks. i guess we will be resorted to build giant towers and alt-f4 in mid-air

The problem does not apply to only rock bases, nor water bases. What people don’t seem to understand is it applies to all bases. If you build properly now ( IE put a twig stairwell behind a metal wall and door to your next floor) when a raider uses C4 it removes the only way up to the next floor. Thus it is impossible to raid bottom to top. The only viable way to raid in this game with tool cupboards is Top to bottom, unless you are just bad at base design. Raiding is dead in this game as is.

pfft, the twig thing isn’t unbeatable, just well planned. just bring a building plan and some wood while you raid ffs.

unfortunately, the rest is an issue because the raid towers were a workaround for the forcefield which is the cupboard. when/if the cupboard gets removed, or at least the no-build zone, this will resolve.

I do not think that ALL bases should be raidable, if they are correctly built. Because, if ALL bases could be raided, why would anyone spent days building them?

So there isn’t a perfect solution. If you make bases raidable no matter what, you’ll end making a lot of players give up the building effort part of the game.

If you make well designed bases unraidable (as is), you’ll end the trolling fun of some clans of ruining the life of many players.

Sincerely, I think that if you spent days studying and building a correct base, you shouldn’t lose all just because some group have more C4 than anyone else.

There still a lot of pvp fun in the game, there is no need to troll other players to a point that they prefer stop playing.

I think you misunderstand the game in some key parts. The most unique feature of rust is base pvp. If there is a possibility to make a base unraidable, raiding would have no point at all and rust would not be as entertaining anymore.
So let’s sort things out

  1. ALL bases should be attackable. Well build bases should be expensive to raid, but not impossible.

  2. Raiding a base is not trolling. It is a valid form of gameplay. Ruining the life of players with legit means like raiding is one of the most entertaining parts in the game.

Are you really complaining that you can’t raid people by building sky bridges? You want me to put the exploit back in?

The battle between raiders and base builders should be dependent on skill and time invested…

So there should not be either 100% unraidable bases or autowin vs anything raiding whose success is only dependent on having gathered enough resources.

Current state of the game is not good in either respect.

With the removal of the horizontal building exploit it is now possible to build completely unraidable bases with minimal effort (barring hackers). But if you just took away the cupboard then every single base would be raidable with 0 skill required, only matter would be how much C4 is needed.

What we need is the cupboard gone, but for players to have some way of fighting against people building up on their bases.

What’s wrong with bug/exploit mk1 - Alt + F4?

Does it no longer work?

hell no.

@everyone else:

no building should ever be unraidable, they should just have different difficulties/requirements in the tech tier to achieve a successful raid. a newspawn should not be able to raze the well made base of the king of the server, but someone should be able to, especially if they are settled.

although base PVP is a part of rust, it is not all that rust is.

the solution in my mind is scrap the cupboard, and put in legacy style spike walls, and the new spike foundations:)

Surely there is more to RUSTs end game than just raiding other players and ruining their experience? That does not sound like a very sustainable game design does it? What happens is you get the negative reviews which point out the frustration -not difficulty. It’s bad enough trying to get started as a weak player -it’s worse finally doing so and someone wiping you out because they are bored.

I understand how raiding would be fun, exciting, thrilling… but there is always a loser and the loss is not insignificant in this game. It’s hours and hours of your time. Being someone who is now 100+ hours and only just gotten to the point where I feel somewhat secure (I’ve been hacked, raided, wiped etc so many times I almost gave up on the game) I can’t help but walk away whenever I see a vaulnerable player trying to get by. I walk past vaulnerable buildings and carry on -because I know how gutting it feels to login and have lost everything. Maybe it’s a thrill to pull off a heist, but there is a victim.

For large groups, wanting to raid each other that seems fine. I can see how that would be more of a power struggle and lots of back and forth… But idk. I can’t help but feel that the “raiding is rust” does not make for a good game except for a few, for a month or so. There seems little point in it anyway. BPs are learned almost immediately if they are of value. Resources are plentiful around the map. You’re going to break in for a few thousand stone, wood, metal and maybe a few guns?

What am I missing? Am I the only person who feels this way?

Yeah. I’m crap at jumping & always hit Alt+F4 too late. :smile:

To Garry, no i do not want the exploit in.

However, we need to have a way to effectively get around the twig stairwell issue i talked about in my post.

The ability to rebuild the stairwell out of twig within the tool cupboard radius would be enough to enable us to effectively climb someones base to their upper floors.

I honestly am for the removal of the tool cupboard completely myself.

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At this current state I agree. Remove the cupboard, we are back more or less before the cupboard was put in last fall. Access one, wall people in or outside their base and raid it in peace.

Not been walled in yet myself, but I have seen a lot of 1-2 floor bases that is around the map.
Yet I can agree their bases are not the safest in the world.
This is not a post to get demolish function back in!

Obviously, you should go play sims, minecraft or something else similar… with pink unicorns or whatever.

If you read your forum carefully, and i believe you do, you should have seen a simple to implement solution. Maybe not the best, maybe as temporal, but it could allow us to raid and test it.


Nah, that’s shit because being able to get onto every roof with no possible counter would make raiding far too easy, just a matter of how much C4 you need.

The counter is good base design, and lock your chests. Locked chests are enough to dissuade most raiders from wasting further c4 to get virtually nothing in the first place.

The game has moved from raiding is to easy, to raiding is impossible, and when possible (due to bad building design) the reward is almost non-existent.

So what If he is? You made tool cupboards, which are retarded. How are they realistic in any way, shape or form? Yea man, my dad owns this nice red toolbox and he has it in his shop… now I can’t work there or get any tools until he tells his toolbox it’s ok.

Skybridges were literally the only way people could raid. You made every form of siege impossible otherwise, you made C4 even HARDER to obtain from gathering, so unless I want to sit somewhere for literally hours chopping into someone’s base with a melee weapon, I just don’t play this game.

It’s fine If people want to pretend this is HD minecraft and go play on PvE servers, but could you just straight up tell us If you’re even entertaining the possibility of players getting the legacy experience ever, on new rust? I had 550 hours logged into legacy and made a bunch of friends, at one time we had an eight man crew and played every day. It was a great server, with a ton of people, and it was great fun. There were a number of groups on the server and everyone raided everyone…

And honestly, your bases were more secure in old Rust, even without tool cupboards and C4 being more rare, because If you want to now, and have the time you can chop through literally anything. I just spent two hours watching BBC documentaries the other morning while I chopped into someones base with ROCKS because they were dumb enough to have stone foundations on their armored base, and I ended up taking all there shit.

So less fun, less secure, less realistic. Nice.

No amount of good base design can counter being able to freely pick your point of entry.

The only viable base in this case is a square block as heavily subdivided as possible, and that’s boring as hell.