Remove Raid Towers = Only Jump Hackers Can Raid

How does that even make sense? Have you ever played rust? You can freely pick your point of entry ANYWAYS? The way to counter THAT is to just build up and up and up… and that’s “boring as hell” as someone put it. Also, If you feel that building a secure base is boring, play on a PvE server. I want to build cool looking bases too, but they’re not realistic so I don’t.

Yeah, a square block with all valuable loot in the middle. So unpredictable.

Not true at all. i have an amazing base desgin that is a rounded tower with tons of hidden loot spots and very very hard to raid.

With stability in play tall towers that are elegant, functional, fun to actually live in ( IE move up and down and not a pain in the ass) that are heavily raid proof are fun to build and very possible.

although i appreciate your point, be a bit more polite when speaking to the devs. it will fuck up the communication pathways if you just attack them, and they don’t actually answer to you, despite what you might think.

Don’t think I ever attacked them, and pretty sure I never said they answered to me, ever. Please don’t get angry over something that had nothing to do with you.

… Right

have you actually read your post? you come across like a disrespectful little kid.

certainly sounds like you think they answer to you.

i’m not angry over something that has nothing to do with me. i’m politely asking you not to be an asshole to the devs so they keep openly discussing things with us.

Well, now that I know that you’re either trolling, or just the biggest carebear in the world that wants every to act nice and be mister and misses feelgood, I’ll just go ahead and not bother reading anything you ever post, again. Thanks for that. Mind your own business and stay on topic

Did they buff chests, because last time I played, it didn’t require C4 to break a chest, making code locks on them crap for deterrence. Code lock on chests are to keep your house mates from stealing your crap, they do zip to keep you from being raided.

Don’t think you get all the items in a chest when you break it.

you do that kid. how about i word it this way. if you people like you are a prick to the devs, they will stop openly discussing changes with us. they will stop caring what we like and dislike. i personally would like for that not to happen, so you can kindly pull your head in you pin-dicked little bastard and stop trying to show us how tough you are.

can we please not argue with one another about semantics and stay on topic.

Steelpaws might not of been super polite, but he didn’t say anything that i felt was radical or extremely rude, other than saying he thought a feature was retarded.

He used an analogy and was made sure to express his dislike of certain things in the game, some of which the devs openly view as problems their selves.

I just really wanted to point out that i can without a doubt make an un-raid-able base that is on the ground, not even on a rock or in the water, with this current lack of the ability to progress past the first floor.

True i can literally ( and have LITERALLY ) used C4 to bring a base to the ground by blowing foundations up due to this very issue. But that is not raiding, and imo is worse than “walling” in a doorway.

Cupboards have got to go.

i agree with these 2 parts, and am willing to play nice. i’m out for now.

So a raider is going to say ‘well, since I won’t get everything from this chest, I will leave it alone.’ I don’t think so, so as I said, they do zip to keep you from being raided.

It takes hours for a solo person to acquire 1 C4, I play in a group of about 5 off an on, and I can say a locked chest deters me from blowing up the rest of a base about half the time. It comes down to cost of raiding vs rewards.

Foundations can be blown by C4 with cupboard or without. No difference. And walling several doors or cut off higher floors by placing ceilings is worse than base demolish with C4. Because to grief is cheaper than demolish with C4, but it causes same amount of damage, since as a result house becomes unusable anymore for the owner.

So i will say it again - i’m sure, cupboards must stay to protect from griefing. Just must not block building only twigs for raiding purpose.

When people walled off ceilings and doors in legacy I would just blow them, or incorporate them into base design and get back in. I feel that blowing someones base down completely is worse because you lose literally all of your work without any recourse.

Uh… no. …?

The OP was pointing out that the cupboard allows you to create a variety of virtually unraidable bases for anyone who doesn’t use exploits. The same point was brought up to you when the previous exploit for houses on rocks (back out of the exclusion zone with your ghost module locked in place) was patched and removed.

The majority of Rust players don’t want to use obnoxious exploits to raid. But when the only people capable of raiding the more valuable bases are the people who use exploits, it’s worth mentioning and talking about.

jumped on the side the building
healed then healed again once hit the rock.
removed the foundations with c4, building flots.

Since when did a locked chest start requiring c4 to destroy?