Remove "Sleepers" Temporarily

Hi Guys,

I thought I’d bring up an idea I’ve been thinking about since the introduction of sleepers and with the hackers currently ripping apart the servers has really reinforced this in my mind.

While I think the sleepers idea is fantastic and really forces you to either hide yourself in the remoteness of the wilderness or fortify your house so you’re safe while offline. The hackers and the case that every morning upon logging in I’ve been looted with no damage to my house has really questioned if implementing the “sleepers” functionality prior to addressing hacking in this game is slightly premature.

I know that prior to the sleepers functionality I was able to safe guard my gear from being looted by attackers and hackers by placing it on me and logging off, I know this goes against the current model of sleepers but after the last 2-3 days of constantly being attacked by people appearing in my house then going up into the sky then me logging off, coming back to find I’ve been looted with no damage to my place is getting annoying.

Now I completely understand this is Alpha and this is the way it goes and on one hand the hackers coming in now so early in the development of this game is probably a good thing given it can be rectified early in its life. But I just wonder given its current state is it worthy of having sleepers turned off again just until the hacking has been dealt with?

This way players who are offline can at least continue to play/test the game rather then get disgruntled by the continued reset of progress by the hacking.

What your saying have more or less been said in some of the other sleepers posts, just with other words, and its still there, so cant see it being temporarily removed, even the PvE server still got sleepers, and on that server you turn PvP active when u log out, not sure if your ment to do that, but dont realy make sence to me. So my advise to you is sit back play the game as it is, and just take it a day at the time, and every day expect to log in naked :wink:

I’m actually starting to love Sleepers.

The sleepers are amazing minus the hackers.

log out under some stairs with all your stuff and barricade yourself in, make sure you have a pickaxe or a hatchet though

Completely agree. Remove sleepers until no clip is fixed. This isn’t about sleepers, this is about hackers, but unfortunately one has to be addressed for the other to be be tested accurately.

Before they were even implemented I said they should hold off until the hacking is resolved. Well, there you go. Great feature, BAD time to do it.

Yep I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this I hope that Garry and the team can see this and possibly make a change on a temporary basis.


This is how I feel, the cheating ruins it. I usually end up taking about 50 wood planks, making a foundation/ceiling, all the building essentials for a small house with one room and end up putting two or three large storage boxes with my entire bank in it and going and logging out in the middle of nowhere, so my larger house doesn’t get noclipped and usually nobody bothers small houses, but if they did they’d probably have a heart attack at the loot.

Although the hackers are ruining the game. The devs shouldn’t alter their plans because of said hackers.

Well actually they should. This isn’t about some “we don’t negotiate with terrists” stance, as its actively making the testing portion of development utterly useless. Part of making any game is getting it tested. We are testing it. If they want testing feedback to be untainted by extraneous issues they can’t simply ignore them.

All testers are spinning their wheels right now - a day’s gain is lost, and it usually has nothing to do with sleepers. You can see from the threads that the dev’s are barely getting any feedback on the sleeper system - it’s all about someone no-clipped into their house and took all their shit and killed their sleeper.

…hence my previous reply.

Agreed hard to test anything when you cannot hang onto what you have tested.