Remove sprinting while reloading

I had an encounter yesterday in which I killed someone who had a spear and ambushed me with my crossbow. I didn’t take a single hit and, taking a step back from it, I realized that the only thing that allowed me to win was the fact that I could reload my crossbow and sprint away from him at the same time. What this would mean is that melee weapons, even when fighting a ranged weapon of relatively low tier, would always have a massive disadvatage against range. To make melee weapons more viable, and to make the early game a bit more interesting, I think that sprinting while reloading should be removed.

tl;dr remove sprinting while reloading

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I just realized that this would turn into whoever has the most guns in their inventory wins.

Shit. What do you guys think then? Longer time to switch weapons?

Reminds me of the old trope you see in stuff set during “The Age of Pirates” where people would carry a belt with many pistols loaded, fire one, drop it, fire the next and so on to achieve a form of rapid fire.

No idea if it historically happened, but some of the stories say Blackbeard used to do it.

(note, this was back with old muzzle loading pistols, they took a while to reload even if you were pretty trained at it)

A quick quote from TV Tropes

No, they are fine.
Ask yourself this question (as it should with any video game of somewhat realism)
“Can I do this in real life”?
In pertaining to this method,the answer is yes.

If you can perform fine motor functions while sprinting, hats off–I can barely set my stopwatch. :slight_smile:

At the very least reloading should take longer depending on speed.

Yeah your right, i think you should be able to reload but it would get stuck while reloading like half of the time so you’d have to reload it again, this way you would have to do it like longer but i think you could make a animation for that Gary…

To be honest, the addition of, or rather removal of, sprinting while reloading would tip the scale in favor for melee, and that’s not a bad thing at all in my opinion. I’ve been dead so many times to different weapons when I’ve been able to get up close, and notice the guy running out of ammo and just starting to sprint the hell away from me, thus giving him that lil’ extra time needed to get another thirty bullets in his weapon.

You either go around with shitload of weapons, thus risking even more resources, or you start to spend ammonition wisely and actually think of your reloads a little bit. It’s not entirely realistic to not being able to reload while sprinting, to be honest, not at all, I can say this from experience. But it’s a game. It should be balanced.

This would be honestly soo annoying

Remove sprinting all together, honestly when you play most survival games people move around waaay too fast for it to be considered realism.

Don’t remove sprinting, add stamina :slight_smile:

Screw stamina, stamina ruins games. Reloading while sprinting is tricky business, I think they should keep it though. If it was removed it would an advantage to anyone who has more weapons, like you mentioned, but also any group of players (even 2) would have the upper hand easily. And I see a lot of new spawns, or new players, who just get destroyed already by experienced groups. Maybe slow the speed a tiny amount while reloading if it needs to be more realistic.

Yeah I agree. Most fps combat games have this as a balance and it typically feels right. At least throw it on for a single update week for testing.

You have to stop before you hit R though. I think it’s fine.

Just get a bow. A bow will beat an xbox 1v1.

What’s even more annoying is not killing a guy with a bow who is two feet away from your machete because he can keep reloading, snaping backwards, and shooting you.

Before you ask, yes I am mad.