Remove surface material after use

I’m trying to wrap my head around how you would unset the material previously called in surface.SetMaterial(). I’m wanting it so that the circle is a solid color with no material, but it continues to keep using the previous material along with the new color. Am I having an idiot moment or am I missing something? After a bit of time Googling and looking over the Wiki, I wasn’t able to find anything.

local mapmat = Material("materials/entities/map.png")

-- Set material to Map and draw it
surface.DrawTexturedRect(ScrW() * 0.5, ScrH() * 0.2, 665, 665)

-- Some way to unset material here

-- Draw solid circle
surface.SetDrawColor(0, 255, 0, 100)
draw.Circle( ScrW() * 0.5, ScrH() * 0.2, 200, math.sin( CurTime() ) * 20 + 25 )

Any ideas?


Oh my god, I have no idea how I missed that. Thank you, worked like a charm! :quagmire: