Remove TargetID HUD?

Creating a custom HUD around that area and I need that stuff to be disabled. I’ve already disabled the rest of the HUD, how would I disable this final piece?

Topic should be “Remove TargetID from HUD”.

Put this on the client:

	return false

No way to remove it clientside? I’ll be able to work around it of course, but it’s just inconvenient that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wait, duh, that’s clientside. Sorry.

No luck there.

So you put it clientside in light of my forgetfulness and it didn’t work?
Try putting it in a lua file in /lua/autorun/client.

Yeah, it was always in there and reloading the script through lua_openscript_cl didn’t do anything either.

That’s probably because hooks are being loaded after the actual function, and it now returns false in the end of the function.

Try this:
[lua]function GAMEMODE:HUDDrawTargetID() return false; end[/lua]

You don’t need a semi-colon, but that did it. Thanks.


Meaning, it doesn’t work with a semi-colon :stuck_out_tongue: