Remove TF2 Content for Gmod

Ok, I’ve been cleaning up my gmod installation and trying to optimize it back to my fast speeds when I first got it. Problem when cleaning out I come across a few GCFs for TF2, I don’t have tf2 and its only for gmod :P. Now I don’t know how to remove the sucker besides the original disabling the extension in gmod and trying to delete it when Steam is not running. How do I get rid of it for good?

BTW, I only have 200+ MB of free space left on my HD(Which is 60GB) :bang:


as far as the gcfs these wont impact gmod performance. Go into garrysmod/settings/spawnlists and delete the tf2 related files. Remove the addon folder for it in addons and you should be good.

Thanks, I followed the steps listed here
and copied the bare minimum of addons I needed as well as my needed props.