remove the captions of props

like to know how to remove the captions of props.
if anyone knows answer

nothing wrong with them, get over it. Woman.
Also as a general question, why are the fucking snowflakes still present? And why do they have to be so laggy?

idk, but i really need to disable these captions, i searshing for it entire week :confused:

Well you can;'t disable them anyways, you need to man up and get over it

yes i can , there was one command in console to change appear time, deflaut is 0
but i frogot this command -_-"

pretty sure you can’t

Why are you so unhelpful?

A. I haven’t played GMod for a year, B. I aboslutely hate Valve right now for switching engines, C. I hate people who just can’t get the fuck over it.