Remove the key system please!!!!

Well I must admit after playing only 1 day of the new rust I am already so sick to death of the new key system. It just doesn’t really work. It’s already hard enough to secure a base as it is let alone having to worry about looking after 5-10 keys at once every time you want to leave through a few doors. I was playing with my friends and it got to the point we named one “The Key Master” as a joke and he would just stand there letting everyone in and out over and over. After he left we got raided by a decent group but I couldn’t even try and defend my base because I would risk losing the keys which would mean they would just get in anyway, in the end they just glitched under the foundations so maybe I should have risked fighting :S So yeah in my opinion I think the key system sucks and is really not something I and my friends enjoy. What do other people think about it?

A lot of people don’t like the key/lock system. I can appreciate that. The intention isn’t for that to be a replacement for the password system in Legacy, it was for it to be one of a number of options. Next week I’m hoping to implement another one of those options which will hopefully let you see what we’re aiming at.

devblog 31 …

I was originally pretty intrigued by the idea of keys. It’s still pretty neat – but I think, at this point for me, it falls into the, “too real,” category. It makes me think of when I lock my keys in my car and have to walk fifteen miles in the snow home, uphill the entire way. Because I live on a mountain. Or something.

Used in coordination with other methods of securing your base, though, it will probably be just fine. For instance, if somebody has to walk through a minefield to reach your base, AND they have to hunt you down to take your key, it becomes a different game. I think traps will make a lot of difference. And Garry has also said that other methods of locking doors will be available at some point, so we’ll just have to see where it goes.

Lol plays one day, already asks to remove a game feature. Just wait until they fix the system, it’ll all work in time.

I think they should implement a dial padlock or combination lock that we unlock ourselves at level 2 using out mouse and a level 3 that you are given a public and private 128bit key so no one can get your key but if you die you’ll have to type in the whole key back in the door to have it open. These would make for a harder key system than legacy but none of the huge headache of carrying keys etc.

Are you genuinely suggesting manually typing PGP keys into Rust? :v:

There are those who want keys, I am assuming its those who want to raid others, I bet if you could create either key locks and Combination Locks, my bet is that no one uses keys.

Yeah but I have also played over 700 hours on legacy and know for a fact that having the old door system is 1000x better.

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Combination locks would be decent and would fit in well

What part of “keys are the lowest tier of lock technology out of a number of different lock types including legacy-style keycode locks” do you fail to understand?

It’s only the first that garry has added, and garry has stated he intends on trying to add another type this week.

He understands it fine, he was just saying what he thinks about it. Once there are more types of locks i think the game will just be a whole lot easier and you will have time to do other things other than look after your keys

tier 2 locks are in but no world model so once you fitted it to a door you cant interact with it yet.

Most disappointing part of the new key system is that someone can wall glitch, or camp your front door, and loot your box or body with keys, open your house up raid you, and lock your house open. Then when you finally destroy the door you cannot replace the door.

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Second thing its too easy to build up an iron wall in front of someones door but too hard to destroy it.

7 Days to Die has an excellent lock system using pin numbers. I hope Rust gets something similar.

Read 2 posts above yours, Pin Lock added. LIKE EA Sports says, It’s in the game.

Pictures from some random guy do not mean much to me. I will probably go on another 3-6 month break after this week. I can never seem to play this game for more than a few days at a time.


It was mentioned in the devblog

Then added to the admin site today. I am pretty sure it’s not a hoax.

I noticed today that I could no longer drop my key (or any other item for that matter) through a door. Has this been discussed?

What get rid of keys?? NO WAY!! then i cant troll players by leaving a box full of fake keys out side my locked door, geez man you really suck the fun out of everything, you guys want to get rid of keys, bring in maps, compasses, C4, get rid of cosmetic blue prints if we do that it wont be Rust anymore it’ll be Bust, a game for kids who need their mummy to hold their hand while they play…pfft

You must be a wall glitchier and the kind of guy that builds a lvl 6 wall in from of someone’s door.

Yes, it was in the latest devblog: