Remove the keys

It is absolutely necessary to change the system of keys with a more convenient and fast.

I totally agree.

There will definitely be a higher tier of locks coming out as the game progresses. Keys are fine in their own right, but yes, they can be frustrating when they are the only thing in the game. I’m hoping that maybe sometime in the next few weeks they will introduce them due to the number of complaints.

I personally like keys and think they would be nice for gates, outbuildings, cells, etc.

improve, yes. but no change
the current system is original, hard, fit the concept of rust, and scalable (improvement depending on the level).
and that is why we do not take it off.
but I agree it needs improvement, some according to me:
A) keychain (just the grouping of keys with keychain that you can open doors that you added their respective key). an alternative is master key with the same logic keychain. note: you can have more than one keychain / master key.

B) doors can be locked from the inside so that the key can not open. (imagine a string to close the door or block it with a metal pipe) XD

C) change the lock (if you have stolen the keys) do not know if this is currently possible. sorry for that.

D) bury / hide / camouflage or break your Culquiera these keys but I prefer it to have to bury them.

tip: never ask for something to be removed abruptly from one application to contribute their ideas and opinions, I’m sure that will be more appreciated than cold objectivity and baseless comments. remember that it is the work of someone when you talk about not working or wrong done. and I am sure that such criticisms are not welcome regardless of who has the right.

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