Remove the new death screen


This is just my opinion on the new death screen and what I feel should be done about it.

Currently I feel the new death screen takes some immersion away. While the animation is kind of interesting, the “You were killed by ________ with a _______ hit to your ___ _____” removes a TON of immersion. There have been countless times with this new menu where I’ve made enemies I shouldn’t have because the screen tells them that I killed them.

Also, the screen is a little glitched. Usually it won’t display your death info correctly until the death after. Like if bob kills me it’ll say I suicided or something, then when I respawn and then jim kills me it says bob killed me.

imo the new death screen is a nice change in theme, but the original was a little more dramatic about it, though subtle.

YOU ARE DEAD in pixelated words drives the failure in pretty good.

Anyone else like the other screen better?

I like the new one but they should remove the text on who it says kills you. Cus i like stealth kills from behind so the person i killed doesn’t know it was me :wink:

The new death screen is a WIP, they are testing new things.

I guess you didn’t play before the game was on Steam or right when the game got on Steam. Before, when the chat was better, smaller, and you had /msg, you would be told who killed you and what body part they hit. Personally, I like it because I know who I can take my revenge out on! >:)

Being told who killed you is important for identifying and banning griefers, exploiters, hackers, etc. So until the admin tools are a little more sophisticated, it probably needs to stay.

Although it really is glitchy as hell. In addition to having it tell me that I killed myself after getting blown away by a raider, the text itself is weirdly scattered across the page.

Remove the who killed you aspect. The less stuff the UI tells me about the game, the better.

The sense of danger, suspicion and paranoia is what makes or breaks this kind of game.

I’ve had the game since before workbenches were added, and you still spawned with hatchets, flares, and medkits.

While I was dissappointed when it was removed, I felt it was better because it allowed me to get away easier, and betray untrustworthy players easily and without much reprocussion.

The new death screen takes like 5 seconds to fully appear. 5 PRECIOUS seconds.

Agreed entirely! However, I necessarily don’t mind the look of the new screen. I also don’t think it should tell you who you were killed by. I agree with Jestahr in saying ‘The sense of danger, suspicion and paranoia is what makes or breaks this kind of game.’

I have lost FULL HOUSES just for that delay time!

And yes, it’s buggy as hell its new addition it’s normal but when going into fix it, don’t force a delay!

I don’t understand it sometimes. I can fall off a cliff and die and the message will say I was shot with a gun…

I like the new screen better than the boring old screen with zero information.

It displays the information from your previous death. It seems to be a glitch at the moment.

It also won’t show your killer’s name unless you were within range to see their names. Considering that some people are taking advantage of the in-game-names not handling unicode characters properly, this needs to stay.