Remove tool: unraidable houses ?


Many players on my server asking to remove their construction (pillars,foundations,etc) . However, I fear that they make unraidable houses…
Do you have any feedback?

Thanks :wink:

I don’t like remove tools. People need to learn to be careful when placing building materials. It is also ripe for abuse as you said.

I only allow this remove tool as it doesn’t allow for floating buildings.

it requires a pickaxe and only removes structures if that structure isn’t supporting another structure. It also won’t remove wood stairs.

I heard vinegar is a great oxide plugin for that.

It can be heavily abused.

You can literally have a base of just foundations. You put down all your boxes, sleeping bags, furnaces, etc, and just place the foundation over them, thus making your base unraidable since foundations cannot be destroyed by any means.