Remove toolgun shoot sound?

Hello, is it possible to remove the toolgun shoot sound? My gamemode is derive from Sandbox and i
sat the

[lua] SWEP.ShootSound= Sound( “Airboat.FireGunRevDown” ) [/lua] in sandbox/ent/wep/toolgun/shared.lua to
[lua] SWEP.ShootSound= Sound( “” ) [/lua]

But it still making the sound when you shoot.

You sure garrysmod doesn’t overwrite your sandbox copy everytime you start it? Couse that’s what I think it does. Go copy over the gmod_tool weapon over to your gamemode, and then change the sound there.

It replaces all edited files from the GCF.

weapons.Get(“gmod_tool”).ShootSound = Sound("");

Should be ran on client AND server, right after the gamemode has loaded.

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Okay, for some reason this doesn’t work as perfect as intended…

local tbl = weapons.Get(“gmod_tool”);
tbl.ShootSound = “”

This however, works fine.

Where shold i paste that?

So go about pasting it in a **[Gamemode.PostGamemodeLoaded](** hook inside your shared.lua