Remove Toolgun Tracer shot and sound!


I am wondering on how to remove a tracer shot from a tool that is used by the toolgun.

I have a tool that spawns in NPCS or whatever that is custom but I don’t know how to add onto it to remove the tracer and sound when spawning them in, it would be amazing if someone could help me with this because I have no clue.

you should look into

“Return true to make the tool gun beam and play fire animations, false otherwise”

be aware there is also a right click :stuck_out_tongue:

You could remove this one line

That will remove toolgun effect for every tool. And you shouldn’t be messing with gmod’s base files because they will get overwritten after an update (or you can just trash your game accidentally).

this should remove the tracer : still exists?!

Looking at the contents, it seems that this just replaces the old effect files with the new ones… I’m personally not a fan of this type of solution but I guess it works.

Since OP just wants the trace removed from a specific tool, which is also a custom one, I suggest just editing the tool’s file to return false in the hook.