Remove tools?

How would i remove this?

If you’re in multiplayer, you can’t. If in SP, I think it’s in Wire, so you can’t really do that without removing Wire.

Closest you can do is just click the (TAD2020’s ToolBox) header, to hide them.

Why would you want to remove it anyway?

Its multiplayer, i don’t use those tools and it’s vary annoying for me.

You can’t delete them unless you go into wire and delete the file. I’m too lazy to look for it but shouldn’t be too hard. You could just hide it by clicking the title. (Where it says “(TAD2020’s Toolbox)”.) Hope this helps.

No other way?

No other way. The header is down the bottom anyway, just hide it and you’ll be fine.
Anyway, both tools are semi-useful, especially weld w/ snapping if you don’t have easy precision.