Removed the anti cheat?

Ehh, whats up with the following, on legacy i used to get 1000’s of kicks at doors, because my location was not possible according to the server… this was iritating, but could live with it, by just being careful with opening/closing them.

these days, people can swim under foundations, steal all the stuff, server is not any wiser… i understand that you guys are re-making a lot of stuff, making it better then it was… but it is obvious that we NEED this, especially with the amount of people that fall victim to this. It happens more often then on legacy too, walls not loading in, i never had it on legacy, and twice on 3.0.

I came back to rust because many people told me it has surpassed legacy… yet it feels useless to build a base and walls if any idiot(probably not an idiot, i made people aware of this, they happily continued… russians…) with a bad internet connection can simply walk in/under houses.