Removed zombies - Weird mutant glitches, game less enjoyable

So since They removed the zombies we exponentially increased our resources and high end stuff, I kinda have a love - hate relationship with the latest patch. we grinded in 1 day every single blueprint, weapons, metal pieces, that the game can offer. we got more ammo back from killiing these mutants than we need to use on them. We should be happy but we are not really cause the server gets flooded with full kevlar , bolt action, m4’s. its hard to maintain the edge of combat. oh well. not atleast its all sheer skill to survive. its just sad cause this made the game just that tad bit less to enjoy. it turned into a get a gun, find a spawnplace. start killing. profit. and in less then a day it turn people into a full kevlar, every gun hoarding, stacked with food, ammo, explosives, roaming murder machine’s

so what u guys think if it so far?

Takes 10 sec to gather a whole horde…

takes 10 sec to kill them all. massing on resources…

they probably will get quicker so this is not possible anymore.

Not to mention these guys are probably yet another place holder to get us more resources.

yeah, we do realise its all alpha end everything is prone to change. just how the gameplay is at the very moment. we liked it better with the zombies. they atleast offered a challenge. even just limiting their spawn rate would be awesome :slight_smile:

what? when did this update come out? lol

So did rust have an update already? I cant see any news on their website and it says my steam game is up to date.

Challenge? Ok, I’m a noob, but the only times zombies pose a challenge to me is when they are far away, don’t die from the headshot, and start running in the other direction for a few minutes and then suddenly appear behind me after I’ve moved on…

I do like the zombies though. It seems a bit silly to remove them just so people can’t call this game a zombie survival game. But oh well.

Well it was quite easy before too so…

i didnt ment in terms of how quickly they died. but you had red zombies, black zombies. normal ons etc, and they spawned not in massive horde, you had to be careful for the radiation etc. these “wolves” need 2 shot at max, a shotgun drops 3 - 4 at the time. they are kinda slow. and their loot is just… i filled an entire box with research kits and kevlar. its borderline ridiculous.

Actually which servers are updated? I still playing with zombie here…

Looks like the dev server are offline. Maybe cause the update is coming soon…

lol, the only funny thing is somehow, if your house is too close to a spawnplace, you end up like this :slight_smile:
seeing a fresh spawn screaming in the voice chat going like “NO NO NO”, and “ALREADY, WHY” and running into his shack, its quite the view :smiley:

It’s on the dev branch.

i thought the update already arrived? i play on the offcial mode so not in the dev branch…

That does sound a bit too easy. Tbh I thought it was already too easy, I have hella gun, armor & weapon mod bp’s after only 3 days of playing.

Ah well, in that case I guess it doesn’t mater much if there is a wipe, everyone will be fully equipped again in no time :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah oh well we will see, our current server lacked worthy opponents anyway. we are with 8 peeps and we are currently the largest group. from the usually 35 - 40 people online. We like to keep up the fairplay so we dont run around and KOS. maybe now when other people get the chance to suit up they will consider to challenge us, and thats what the game is all about. being challenged :wink:

Wow those textures are god awful.

wow that looks retarded.

Relax. It’s not the actual update. He’s playing on a dev/test server.

New updates 24/7 xD
Playing on it.