Removing a couple of models to get the old ones back, had a bad experience in the past

After about a year or two of Half-Deads Zombie Survival pack, I’ve really gotten tired of the Fast Zombie, Fast Headcrab, Poison and fellow headcrab, and the headcrab in general.

You see, I tried to remove the headcrab by myself, but this ended up with extreme console errors and invisible headcrabs, I want my zombies back, but don’t want to risk them having invisible. So, facepunch, if you could tell me how to successfully delete them and have them APPEAR, I would be grateful

I got half-deads regular zombie, which includes a model so that’s fine, but his fast zombie is just a reskin, so that’s a no-go

And my male citizens have pink and black checker-boarded clothes (not that that matters because I use refugees anyway)

I’m not going to completely reinstall the game just because of a couple of models, I would rather keep them if that as the only way.

That would remove every single thing I have, except the addons and maps which is what I would keep, I can’t pick out files from the 200 in the models and materials folders

Well then you’re fucked.

So there is no way AT ALL to remove them, and have the game reload them when I boot it up?

Blah forget it, I’m doing it


SHIT, I renamed the wrong one ( I think), the article said rename the one inside the garrysmod folder, and I renamed the front one

It should redownload any missing files.