Removing all signs

Does anyone know how to remove all signs? Not the texture the whole sign. Because apparently I got a hole lot on my server and I think it might cause lag. Would appreciating any help thanks!


Nice question… You should look at plugin if there is one that do this or try to find the folder with all signs and delete them all. I’ve played on a server where the admin say something about this, so, make up some research and tell us if you find something :stuck_out_tongue:

SuperBoy From Free Porn Rust

Hey thanks for the reply! I´ve started this thread because I had over 13k files in my storage Folder. An I though These would all be signs. Apperently new ingame map causes that. I also thought that´s what caused the Memory leak issue. I looked for a away to remove signs the hole day. I think it´s pretty impossible on a vannila Server. There is a plugin though called “No Sign” but since I want to stay vanilla I can´t use it. Not that I still Need it though. The only Problem I have left atm is the Memory leak issue that still causes massiv lag and has not been fixed yet :zoid:

Thanks anyways :slight_smile: