Removing Assmod?

Ok today i had my friend who is an owner but he ended up screwing up my HOLE server like giving admin away for free and stuff. I need to remove him but i dont know how!


i seriously need to know now hes screwing up my server like now.

Go to addons and delete the Assmod folder. There should be extra files in the CFG folder.

ok thx

Judging by OP they want to remove the person in question. Simple. Go into the data folder and delete the ass_rankings.txt
You’ll have to re-set yourself as an owner but it’s better than what you had.
I say to remove the file because then the free admins aren’t on the rankings anymore either

to remove him i would have you and him in the server, and just demote him, and for the lil kiddy admins you would just do what frohman said lol

i currently have ASSMod on my uncreated server lawl

ok thx

IP address to server please? I made a thread i need help with addons on my server, maybe if i check out yours i can see
what good STools i can get.

oh i dont know the ip… sad aint it :stuck_out_tongue: