Removing Blood/gore textures

Will it be possible to remove blood/gore textures/particle/effects in s&box?

If so, how?

Hi, I’m an animator (2D), illustrator, and content creator. Gmod is my favorite game of all time. I am ecstatic about s&box’s development because it’s literally exactly what I wished for while playing Gmod.

One thing I was able to do in Gmod, with the help of a G-mod (get it!), was to remove all blood decals and effects. I’d like to do so in S&box, but I’m not sure how I would approach such a thing. (I assume it would be easier than it was in Gmod but then again I’m not a developer).

Removing blood/gore particles and textures would allow the audience of my family-friendly channel to join me in a relatively family-friendly game.

Will it be possible to remove blood from S&box?

Thanks for your time. Stay safe!


You can just delete the blood and gore textures. S&box is not a game like gmod, we can change and edit anything we want. It’s closer to a game engine like Unity or Unreal than gmod.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I was hoping that would be the answer. I guess all that’s left is to buy the game. (hopefully later this year.)

Have a good one.

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I like the sound of this. Wholesome 100 Big Chungus.

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I’ll make sure there’s an option for you


I wonder if setting flags for decals and mark certain ones as “gore/blood” so that a global game option would filter them out would be a great idea? Of course devs would still need to flag them but it’s better than nothing? Then users could tag gamemodes like how you can tag games on steam, and if there’s blood or it isn’t family friendly people could mark that and then maybe we could filter gamemodes based on that. How would you do it?

Just like in gmod, I imagine you’d be able to stop those events from happening programmatically, if not chances are you’ll be able to go the nuclear option and straight out override the particle/materials used by the particle with blank textures.

Problem is some servers/gamemodes will have custom blood particles. But yeah that’s the “DIY” solution.

I took the OPs thread as if he was speaking from a server operator perspective, if he’s the server operator then he should have full reign over what goes and what not. I thought he was asking purely if there will be the modding ability to stop those events, not if he was able to disable blood on servers he’s not managing.

But if you’re speaking out from an user-perspective playing on servers that do not belong to you - If the server does not offer an option to disable blood decals, I don’t believe users should be able to “DIY” those solutions.

Gamemode creators have very specific vision they want to portray across and there’s the added concern of security. What if as a player I decide to make the smoke grenade blank? What if I don’t want to see the muzzle flashes that cover my screen? What if I decide to make wall textures blank to have a ghetto wall-hack? Color the player models bright colors so visibility is better?

File integrity checks should be in place just like “sv_pure” servers do in CSS and CSGO - Anything differing from the servers is no-go, unless of course permitted by the server.

I fully agree, which is why I proposed another solution right before you commented.

oh yeah missed that, my bad lol.

yeah flagging them as “not important” is a good solution but at this point developers should just provide their own clientside options menu

That’s pretty awesome of you!

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I really appreciate this. Thanks.

I hope all goes well.