Removing Blood?

Is there a way to disable all of the blood effect?
I’d like to not have the blood sprites appear on the world or on player models/corpses.

Oh so you’re German.

Make everyone run r_cleardecals whenever someone gets shot?

I don’t know if there is a way to disable it, but you can use this in the console.



God dammit

No I am not German, the gamemode I’m working on I’ll be making my own effects for gun impacts. I’ll try r_cleardecals, thanks.

If your effects use util.Decal I’m not sure if r_cleardecals will remove those too. Other people probably have better solutions.

Wouldnt it be possible to find the decal name then remove it whenever it is created?

You could find the entities (info_decal, I think) but that wouldn’t be efficient.

Try to blank out the material with the material functions.

I tried this, but it doesn’t seem to work.
[lua]if not CLIENT then return end

local BloodList = {}

for i=1, 7 do
table.insert(BloodList, v)

for i=1, 5 do
table.insert(BloodList, v)

for k,v in ipairs(BloodList) do

v:SetMaterialInt("$alpha", 0)


Well, I worked about 45 minutes on this and found this:

  1. Blood decals reset their material values every time they’re created
  2. Blood decals are not entities
  3. It’s impossible to stop blood decals in Lua as far as I know
  4. r_decals 0 is your only option, but it won’t be surefire.

Ah thank you Gbps, I suppose I’ll just live with the blood. Or maybe I can fake the bullets, use a trace instead of bullets and then apply damage on whatever I hit.