Removing bots from spawning?

Hey there,

Every time I test my map in CSGO, bots spawn in this map. I have to do bot_kick in order to get rid of them and I would much rather just never have them spawning in my map.
this happens when I try to play a map using the console command “map mapname”. This is the way I open maps and I would like to keep using this method because it is fast and easy.

Back in CS:S I never even had to think about bots spawning in my map. But with CSGO they always seem to spawn whatever I do.
I’ve tried changing some configs for serverproperties but without luck. I could be doing this all wrong or this might not be possible.

This is also very frustrating when testing a huge map that has no nav file yet and it takes like 10 minutes to create this in order for me to be able to play it.
I know about creating your own nav file and renaming it to whatever map you want but I want to do nothing in order to play my map properly except change some configs that keep it that way forever.

So basicly I never want bots to spawn when I test a map using the console to open my map.

I am a lazy person and I dont feel like having to type bot_kick every time or creating a nav mesh. I’ll add bots when I want them to be there.

Thank you in advance.


Is it really that hard to kick the bots when you’re in the team selection screen though? :v:

Maybe I wasnt that clear as to what my complete problem was.

I have binded a key to kick the bots its not that big of a deal but what does bother me is that whenever I start, lets say a zombie escape map to test it out myself or any map for that matter which are kinda big, it takes a long time to create a navmesh. I thought with removing the bots from spawning this would not happen anymore.

So maybe I should have just said stop game from creating nav mesh when testing maps.

I hope this makes it more clear as to what im trying to accomplish

  • you cant kick bots in team select because they arent there yet

Well, when you add a NPC to the map it gives a option to toggle them on/off.
It is a box in the “auto” tab next to the “user” tab in VisGroups

Im making this map for CSGO so no npc’s are added in user visgroups.
CSGO has this horrible “feature” that makes it so that bots spawn when you test your map -.-

maybe try to make only 1 player_terrorist or player_counterterrorist (depending what side you want to play)
And in the final version add rest of the player spawns

This doesnt work when I’m trying to test a map made by someone else since that map normaly has T and CT spawns.
I DONT want my game to create a navmesh on default I only want my game to do this when I give the command to do so.