Removing Cider Backdoors


I’m editing Cider for someone and I need to know if I have removed all backdoors :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I deleted the a and b commands
  • I’m making sure the clan variable gets escaped( -snip- EDIT: nvm )

Anything else?

I’m thinking of using Citrus too, are there any backdoors any of you know of?


Could you post a fix for me to use? Please :slight_smile:

Hmm. I don’t know about Cider backdoors. But Citrus is good yes. But it might get a little annoying when you try to do stuff fast and so on. It replaces notify sounds etc.

I would stick to ULX, it works fast and if Garry doesn’t break it ultimately bad. It’s no backdoors.
That’s my opinion

This is not a request forum. You might request it here:

Don’t use ULX with custom gamemodes.

Use Evolve or ASSMod, and as for Cider backdoors, don’t use Cider. Use DarkRP or Nexus.