Removing client side scripts/hacks

Is there any other way to remove them apart from concommand.Remove and hook.Remove?? Sometimes they bypass that.

CreateClientDumbVar(“Blocked”,“Yourcommand”, false,false,true)

Script Enforcer, although it’s a complete whore with some work I’m sure there’s some things you can allow.

Dunno if you can configure it but by Default it pretty much disables a lot of things.

took me ages just to put all the .lua file names in script enforcer…

ive joined servers that check for the default hooks and concommands then ban for 1hr if they find them you could rig something up like that.


Scriptenforcer in conjunction with overriding metafunctions such as _R[“Player”].SetEyeAngles, along with an allowed set of hooks (Removing dis-allowed ones) is about as secure as you will get.